This blog was meant to be a record of a puppetry tour around the United States in which people who saw a puppet show were asked to recount the story of the happiest moment of their lives as payment to see the show.  The experiment was to see if it was viable for a show to be performed without traditional, formal exchange of money.  The joyful moments collected are currently being compiled into a book of paper cuts.  Puppets ‘n’ People is also a puppet company based in Minneapolis, MN, and it will have a new website up soon showing its work.  


It has been a long while since I have updated.  My journey is complete, however, and I think that to re-cap I will share the numbers of things that I have accomplished.

Total Audience Count:  1,528 people

Total Number of Joyful Moments:  407

Approximate Number of Hours in Performance:  61

Number of Adventures Had:  Countless!

This is what has been accomplished so far.  There will now be two Joy Books.  One of them will be child appropriate, complete with illustrations.  However, the second will include all of the joyful moments collected as well as the in-depth story of adventures in collecting joy around the United States for Puppets ‘n’ People.  Look for these to be published online by January.  I will keep posting occasionally and will post when they are complete.

My visits to Bismarck and Fargo were very fast, but they were very nice.  It was odd being in a familiar place once more where  I knew lots of people.  I believe that being around new people so often allowed me to more fully become myself.  I acted as only I would act because I did not know when I would see those I had met again.  I believe that this carried over to seeing my friends in Bismarck and Fargo once again.  If anything, this journey has taught me to be me.

I had a two day bus ride back to Bismarck in order to visit my parents and grab some things to finally move to Minneapolis.  This gave me plenty of time to process.  In the end I decided that there is no single definition of joy that can apply to all situations.  After all, a dry, academic definition is usually less useful or applicable to real life.  So, as Mr. E. would say, “What is joy?  Let us watch and find out.”

Joy is to be yourself.

Joy is a choice made anew in each moment.

Joy is in solitude.

Joy is in meaningful relationships with other people.

Joy comes from unexpected surprises.

Joy comes from a sense of accomplishment.

Joy comes from living NOW in THIS MOMENT.

Joy is not selfish.

Joy is not fleeting if you find it in peace.

Joy is little.

Joy is big.

Joy is important.

These are all things that I have discovered about joy.  Finally, I had the words from a song stuck in my head the entire two day bus ride to Bismarck.  It is a song that is quite popular and the words are, “What do I stand for?”  I think that the answer to this question is in a constant state of change for each individual.  At this moment, however, I can say that I stand for:








Human rights

The complexity of simplicity

Slowing down




My wandering must come to an end, but I believe that my heart will keep wandering.  After all, wandering leads to discover, which seems absolutely vital to humanity.  I will keep my philosophical wanderings of the heart.  I think that with each moment I will attempt to choose joy.  With each moment I will answer the question with my actions and words, “What do I stand for?”

Fun Fact:  Nearly 70 percent of housing units in Boston are occupied by renters rather than owners.

Mr. E:  So, Seth and I were performing near the frog pond at the Boston Common today.  It occurred to me that frogs are so much luckier than cats.  A frog gets to croak all the time, but a cat only croaks nine times.

I ended up in Massachusetts finally!  I am staying with my sister, and all is well.  I performed today at the Boston Common and in the Public Gardens, which went very well.  People here seem quite nice and willing to share the stories of the happiest moments of their lives.  Today was also a momentous occasion because I have reached my secondary goal of total audience members.  I have performed for a total of 1,521 people.  Success!  What joy!

I find most of the Northeastern part of the United States really interesting because it is really a collection of small towns.  Each town has a little “common area” that is meant to be a public space.  I wish that this ideal had been carried around the United States.  There certainly are parks and public spaces everywhere, but it seems that there is much less regulation in the Boston Common than many other spaces.

Furthermore, there are more old buildings in Boston and the Northeast, which is also very pretty.  Anyhow there were a few little events that happened in the day that I think are worth mentioning.

1.  Cara and I walked her gigantic yet gentle dog, Roxie!

2.  I performed for a huge group of YMCA children.  I knew that my puppets could take a beating, but I know for sure now that they are able to withstand 50 children playing with them simultaneously.  I did lay down some ground rules, but they held up, and that is very good.

3.  I am still so confused as to why people feel pity for somebody who is street performing.  I like being wished good luck, but I think that I am actually doing what I want to do.  I am quite happy doing it.  I do not think that I need so many other things or need people’s pity at all.  I am doing great!  Whatever happened to artists being respected for the work that they do?  People seem to consistently ask if I am homeless or can pay my bills.  I sometimes think that I should ask the same question back at them because it seems that by asking this question they are assuming a lot of things about me that they have absolutely no right to assume.  However, I have found that being courteous is usually much better.  Also, I have learned the best response when kids ask me how much money I make:  “Less than your teachers but more than a homeless person on the street.”  Thanks Colin!

Anyhow.  It was fantastic spending the day in Boston.  I walked around a bit and experienced the freedom trail, which has a lot of historical monuments everywhere.  I think that this was a perfect way to spend a beautiful day:  performing and walking around Boston, MA.

For today, Cara and I are going to Montpelier, VT.  There may be a performance there.  After that, only one more performance in Minneapolis before the end of the journey.  Happy day and much love in your life!


I performed at Central Park again today.  It went very well.  I am quite certain that I will meet my goal of performing for over 1,500 people by the end of the summer now.  I currently have 1,444 audience members.  I also met with Colin Froeber.  I think that I have definitely reached the conclusion that going with the flow for life is just the best plan.  Things will work out better that way.

Finally, a little girl today asked me, “Is it important?”  I asked her what she meant, and she explained that her parents told her to do something in life that is important.  I thought about it, and I decided that what I am doing is important.  People should take the time to understand what joy truly is and what happiness is.  I want people to be able to experience joy.  I want people to choose joy.  I want to make people happy with what I do, so what I do is important.  This question shocked me at first, but then I began to realize that there are many important things to do in the world.  Each person has a job that will lead them to do something important or contribute something important to life as a whole.  I think that puppetry is able to change the world through joy.  Puppetry is important.  Medicine is important.  Importance is important.

Anyhow.  For now, I have a long night of bus waiting ahead of me.  Then, I finally get to see my sister, Cara.  It will be wonderful to see her once again since it has been such a long time.  So, goodbye New York.  I will be with you again I am certain.

Fun Fact:  The island of Manhattan was “purchased” from a Native American tribe for $24.00.

Mr. E.  So, I was looking at laws in New York today.  I found an interesting one.  I am quite sure that I will never break it either.  It is, “Citizens may not greet each other by “putting one’s thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers.”

Today I think that I figured out fear.  At least one of my biggest fears and fear in general.  Before I get to that, however, I must apologize that I have not updated my blog more.  I have done a lot over the past few days.  I shall have a quick montage.

In Niagara Falls I performed at the top of the American falls.  I still firmly believe that the symbol of water as a healing power and the idea of water being able to wash everything away is firmly in me.  I am completely rejuvenated and ready to face anything now.

Also, it is astounding just how many rainbows are formed at the waterfalls.  I was not able to see any, but I also heard about fabled moonbows.  These are rainbows created from the light of the moon.  As I was looking at the rainbows, I began to imagine that they are slightly out of place with everything else around them.  However, they still seem so beautiful as they are.  I would like to imagine that this is what I am.  I can acknowledge my ability to be slightly out of place, but I hope that in the end it still works out to be beautiful.

I left Niagara Falls content.  I do not think I would like to spend more time there.  The waterfalls are beautiful, and that is what I think I wanted: a connection to nature once more.  However, the tourist traps in that city are overwhelming.  There is so much more I would like to say about waterfalls, water, and being fine with being in solitude, but I think that the Transcendentalists said it better than I will.  Also, I think that some thoughts are meant to stay private.

After Niagara Falls, I went to Newburgh, NY, or perhaps it was Fishkill, NY.  No, I think it was Peekskill.  You know.  I think I was in all of these cities at some point or another.  I met my friend Leah!  Wonderful.  It was so wonderful to see her again after such a long time.  I was able to take in two, count them, two Shakespeare plays!  First, a production of Romeo and Juliet that had me bawling.  Second, a really AMAZING production of Love’s Labours Lost.  I had not read that play, so it was constant discovery.  I am so proud of my friend for having a lovely place to work and enjoying her work so much.  Thank you Leah for sharing a few days with me!  

By the way did I mention that the area in which the plays took place was beautiful!  I am quite certain that the backdrop for the plays, the Hudson River, has been painted a thousand times.  I am so positive I have seen paintings from the 1800’s depicting what is behind us in the photo above.  Also, the grounds around the performance area were beautiful.  Just look:

After visiting this lovely collection of small towns and enjoying such wonderful theatre, I finally conquered my fear of New York City!  I went head-on into it.  This was definitely an adventure.  I arrived at the city ensure if I had a place to stay, but I was very lucky and received one.  Furthermore, I was already able to perform at Central Park.  I took in an off-Broadway show as well as one other Street Performance.  I walked all over Time Square.  I did a lot.

As I was walking around Time Square, I realized that I had no reason to fear New York City.  I do not think that I would mind living here one day either.  Then, I realized that fear is simply a construction of our own mind.  Furthermore, I do not think that fear is something that should be so inhibiting.  After all, it is only a temporary state.  If we end up feeling fear, we can certainly acknowledge its presence.  However, it is easy enough to wait it out.  Then, the fear will dissipate into something else.  In this instance it has dissipated into something absolutely wonderful.  Perhaps it is cliche, but I love New York.  Fear was incredibly temporary.

Yes, I even walked around New York at night.  I was afraid for just a moment.  I waited it out.  It was worth it.

good night for now

i will sleep in the sleepless city

the invisible stars filtered out from the light

will still be singing as i drift off

i will imagine that they are there

i will imagine that their light is shining into the lights of the city

i will imagine that their light is brightening each moment of my life

i must sleep for i am not a city

i am not an organism of steel and concrete

i am not an organism of cars and lights

i am a machine of flesh and blood

although a machine i

i run on my own mechanisms

i will not assimilate into what the organism is doing quite yet

i have my own purpose to do

i will add to everything

perhaps the fusion of organism and machine

will create what is right

perhaps it will add to the flow of

what is meant to be

perhaps i am drifting off now

my machine is powered down

Columbus was beautiful as was Carolyn, of course!  Thanks for everything!

When I first arrived in Columbus, I was starving!  I had not eaten all day because the bus was not stopping!  So, I walked right out of the bus station and found the first place to eat that I could.  Luckily, the first place that I stumbled upon was also a staple of Columbus.  It was a hot dog restaurant called Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace.  I savored a nice tofu dog for the first time.  It was swanky!  There was a really delicious pickle, and they had all kinds of interesting hot dog combinations to try.  They also had amazing french fries and ice cream.  Beautiful!  As I was eating, I started to talk to a really nice couple, and they paid for me.  Thank you to them too.  That was really very nice, and I enjoyed talking to you.  I am sorry that you did not get to see the puppet show!  Perhaps some other time.  Anyhow.  The conversation was amazing as were the hot dogs and fries.

Eventually, Carolyn came!  She brought friends, and we stayed for quite some time.  We all enjoyed each other’s company.  I had a really good root beer, and I began to learn about the politics of being a lecturer at a university.  It was a nice evening.

The next day I was able to experience the first day of school again through the eyes of a university lecturer.  It was odd because I was an outsider.  I also went to the annual school fun fair.  This spurred my thought because there were street performers, stilt-walkers, and jugglers at this college fun fair.  There were also, of course, the normal credit card booths, activity booths, student services booths, etc.  I began to wonder just how much money went into this fun fair.  Would it be better spent elsewhere?  Perhaps there is value in promoting and helping to build a community with a fun fair.  However, would that money be better used to pay professors and teachers?  I do not know.  It was but a thought.  I know that teachers and professors are quite underpaid for the work that they do.

Anyhow.  It was interesting to observe first day jitters of students and to see it from the outside.  I am quite sure that I will return to school again eventually.  We shall see what happens.

There was a puppet show in the evening that had a small but very appreciative crowd.  I am almost 210 people short of my goal of 1,500 people seeing the puppet show.  I hope I can make it.  I got a nice photo with a few really nice audience members too:

Finally, there is a nice picture of Carolyn, who was a beautiful host, gracious friend and listener.  I hope that your giant horse turns out.  I am excited to either see it in person or see pictures soon!

Columbus was nice, and I said goodbye to it this morning.  The bus ride to Niagara Falls was mostly uneventful.  Mostly.  Once I got to the border of Canada, I was denied admittance.  I was carrying inadmissible goods.  I think that most of the time inadmissible goods would include things that would obviously be illegal.  In this case, Canada simply did not want puppets entering their border.  I thought about it, and I suppose I would have needed to apply for a passport for all twenty-something of them.  That would have been a lot of work. That, or, I should have considered starting a puppetry smuggling business across the border into Canada.  Quick stuff all the hand puppets into the violin case, and nobody will notice that it’s not a violin!  All joking aside.  I guess puppets are considered commercial, so I went with the flow of Niagara Falls, and I found a place to stay.  It is very close to the falls, and I have some lovely night photographs of them.  They are beautiful.  Once again, I heard the earth breathe when I heard them roar.  Granted, this time there were the glaring light of Casinos and a pretty big city everywhere, but if you ignored that, and you just listened to the falls.  It was amazing.  The lights on the falls also were not so bad.  It is a good reminder sometimes to know that there are things in the world far more powerful than you.  People really are not so significant.  We spend very little time here in comparison to such beautiful natural wonders that are slowly shaping the earth.

Yes.  It was a nice evening walk.  It is good to know that there are huge things.  Things that one cannot even fathom.  It puts lots of things in perspective.  I could not help but think, as I was being misted by the falls, that maybe, just maybe, I really am being washed completely clean.  Water is so renewing.  I do not know what the future holds after this journey, but I know that it will be a clean start.  The falls have put that into perspective for me.

I am in Columbus, Ohio!  It is a really nice city actually.  I will have a more detailed blog later.  I have only been here for a few hours.  Anyhow.  Carolyn is giving me a place to stay for a few nights, and it should be really great!  There will be a puppet show tomorrow at 6:00PM at Goodale Park in the Gazebo on the pond.  Invite your friends from Ohio!  If they have a happy moment to share, tell them to bring it too.  It shall be a nice fun event!

Fun Fact:  Chicago’s nicknames include- The Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, the Second City, and The City That Works.

Mr. E.  Today, Seth and I were riding the train.  Perhaps you have not heard, but the train in Chicago is called the “El.”  I was considering this, and I began to wonder very deep things.  For example, what happens during the winter holiday for people to get around?  The angels all sing, “No El.”

Today and yesterday were lovely days spent in Chicago.  I saw lots of skyscrapers and had some good food.  I was worried for a time that I would not be able to collect happy moments.  You see, street performing in Chicago requires a permit, which costs $75.  That is far too much for one day of performing.  Perhaps if I stayed for a week.  I tried to contact a few other coffee shops and such but everyone seemed to have an event booked already.  I was very worried, and then I realized that I could simply walk around with Mr. E. and interview people.  So, as I was sightseeing, I took Mr. E. out and wished everyone I saw a good day.  This worked very well!  Seventy-two people had meaningful conversations with Mr. E, hugged him, or gave him a high five.  Probably double that wished him a good day back and smiled or laughed.  It is good to spread joy.  Of the seventy-two people, I also collected twenty-something joyful moments.  I do not think that is too bad.

Anyhow, Mr. E. and I went to the Bean, and we were super morphed because of its shape.  It really is an interesting structure in Millennium Park.  I also got to tell a few jokes to people inside of the bean.

I was actually surprised by how receptive people were to meeting Mr. E.  People kept calling him Elmo or Grover, and he would politely tell them that his name was Mr. E. because he was a mystery.  It worked pretty well.

A lot of the time, Mr. E. looked up at the skyline.  I must say that the Chicago skyline is one of the best ones that I have seen so far!

I also went to Buckingham fountain and Navy Pier.  My experiment in busking and exploration of what public performance art is has also, it seems, led me to explore public spaces and public art in general.  I keep taking pictures of these beautiful objects in public spaces.  However, the degree to which they are public and private is always on a sliding scale.  This is something that I have noticed changes depending on the city.

I was able to see Buckingham fountain with all of its lights.  It is extremely beautiful.  This is also when I began to notice all of the people holding hands and in love.  How beautiful love is! I know that my writing style in this blog follows a streams of consciousness pattern more than a logical sequence.  However, I think that if you know me this style makes sense.  I need to tell you at this moment what it was that I had a revelation about in St. Louis!

Before that evening in St. Louis I had convinced myself that I would probably never have children although I wanted a family so badly.  The vibe of the studio in St. Louis, however, made me realize that that thought was ridiculous!  So many of my friends were telling me that this thought was ridiculous, but I simply could not convince myself that it was true.  I am still young!  I have plenty of time for a family.

I believe that I have to thank the previous two occupants of the studio.  Con told me that there was a couple in it before.  The lady was from Germany, and they had painted Berlin on the floor:

And, where their bed once stood there were little red hearts painted.  I believe this is what did it.  I had just bound together the book of happy moments from the puppet show.  Several of the moments, as many of the moments have been already, dealt with parents seeing their children for the first time, hearing their child laugh, getting to hold them for the first time.  It seems that being a parent brings much joy.  I was sad that perhaps I would not get to experience this.  Then, I saw the hearts, and it hit me.  I will!  Perhaps it will not happen exactly as I imagine it, but that is fine.  I will take it as it comes, and I can be happy with what I am given.  I started crying I was so happy.

I get nervous when I post things that are so personal on here, but I hope that you were able to find a bit of joy in it too.  I know that it made me feel immensely better!

Back to Chicago:

After exploring all over downtown, I took the El, which is a really nice ride, to the Neo-Futurist theatre.  I saw Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (T.M.L.M.T.B.G.B.).  It was a really good show.  I love how quick each of the plays is!  For those of you who do not know.  This production changes each week with different plays.  Essentially, it is an attempt to produce 30 plays in 60 minutes.  Sometimes there is audience interaction.  Sometimes there is not.  Usually it is funny.  Sometimes it is poetic.  It was an amazing show.  It is all based on chance and anything that happens in the theater simply becomes part of the production.  Quite fun!

One particular play that touched me involved one of the actors climbing over chairs and setting up ladders to climb over them as she recited a poem.  Each time she would finish climbing over something, another actor would cover that chair or ladder with a white cloth. The poem dealt with a home and objects in a home that only have value as long as that person is alive.  Essentially, it urged people to make each moment home rather than a particular place.  Beautiful.

For tomorrow I say goodbye to Chicago.  Thank you Jason for letting me stay in your place.  It is extremely nice.  Tomorrow I say hello to Columbus, Ohio.  I have nearly collected joy from coast to coast of the United States.  I have learned so much on this journey, and I hope to continue to learn more.

Fun Fact:  St Louis offers more free, major visitor attractions than anyplace outside of the nation’s capital. These include the Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis Zoo, Cahokia Mounds, Museum of Westward Expansion, St. Louis Science Center, Missouri History Museum, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Grant’s Farm and more.

Mr. E.  So, if I began to fight the Gateway Arch, here in St. Louis, would it become my arch nemesis?  

Today I performed at the City Gardens.  They are very nice.  It was lovely.  I had 32 more people watch the show, so I have 1,170 people so far.  I am beginning to wonder if I will make my second goal of 1,500.  We shall see!  I hope I make it.

Adventures at the gardens included finding out that puppet shows and performances are legally considered…wait for it…political demonstrations…so apparently they require a permit in the City Gardens.  However, I was able to get around the rule, according to the security guard, by using the sidewalk on market street.  I looked at the sidewalk.  It is one foot wide.  Good thing my puppet show can take up little to no space!  HA!  I felt like I tricked the system a bit.  Look at my sly and sneaky puppet show set up on a foot of sidewalk:

The City Garden itself was also quite beautiful.  There were jumping fountains, waterfalls, and sculptures everywhere:

After a few hours of performing, I went to see the Gateway Arch!  Wow, I knew it was big, but I did not realize just how big.  I carried my suitcase with me, and I was stopped by a ranger who told me that I could not perform in that park because it was a federal park.  I was not planning on performing, but I told him what the project was really about.  For a moment it seemed like I would be able to perform.  Alack, not so.  Apparently, you cannot ask people to tell you the story of the happiest moment of their life in Gateway Park after a puppet show.  Just in case you plan on doing this in your future.  It will not work.  The rangers on bikes might try to stop you!  However, you are protected with the freedom of speech.  Apparently, this means you can hand out political pamphlets without being stopped as long as people come up to you first.  It seems more like freedom of literacy, not speech.  Regardless, I walked under the arch, and I decided to make it a symbol of a gateway into a completely new phase of life!  I have only two more weeks of travel, and then I will be settling into the adult world more permanently than I have yet.  Yes, this is the gateway into being truly adult:

Finally, I ended the evening by going to the St. Louis Art Museum.  There was a really cool exhibit on a Mississippi Panorama being restored!  It was amazing!  Panoramas are like crankies, which are puppets!  I have a cranky in my puppet show, and it made me so happy to see this older form of popular entertainment in the museum.  I had a huge nerdgasm!  Also, I saw some paintings by Max Beckman.  I decided that I like his style.  I want to emulate it for a time:

After that, I got lost on the metro transit!  I found my way back, however.  Thank you Rachel!  For now, I am saying good night St. Louis.  Tomorrow I will be in Chicago.  I am beginning to get sad that my adventure is nearing a close.  That is all right.  Then, a completely new adventure will begin!  For now I can admire the things around me and remain calm.

Yesterday I was able to explore Denver quite a lot!  I walked up and down the 16th Street Mall.  I saw the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art.  I saw some street performers.  I think that pictures can sum up the sights of a city better than words:

It is quite small, so you cannot read it, but this bull holds on it a fun fact.

Fun Fact:  Denver is one of only four places in the United States where coins are legally minted.

Mr. E.  Why was the piano player arrested?  Because he got into treble.

Mr. E. did not just make a joke about pianos for no apparent reason.  You must understand that the public sculptures and the random pianos that people may actually sit down and play started my brain.  I began to consider that art museums put public sculptures outside of their institutions in order to allow art to be more accessible.  To a certain extent, theaters have adopted this tradition.  There are certainly sculptures outside of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  They were really interesting!

Yes, this is one of the statues outside of the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  While it is very nice and wonderful that visual art is being placed as public art outside of the performing arts center.  I wonder if it would not make more sense to offer some public art that is performance based as well!  What if every theater contacted street performers that did an act relevant to the current show that they were producing?  The theater would ask them to perform in front of the theater the entire time that the house was open until the show began.  Then, as the audience walked into the theater, they would be entertained.  The street performers could continue to work for tips, so they would be attracted to working at that time.  Finally, people might even come to the theater earlier and there would be fewer house holds.  So, for all my friends that might potentially be artistic directors or high up on the management team for a theatre one day, entertain this notion.  It might work in practice.

My aunt Phyllis was painting the entire time that I was exploring.  She has some really swanky watercolors:  Respect!

Another exciting thing that happened is that I finally broke down and purchased lunch from one of the lunch carts.  I decided Indian food was a good idea!  It was!  Mostly…Well, yes, mostly.  I ordered my food, and the gentleman in the cart asked me if I wanted it hot.  I said I would like it mid-range spicy.  He said, “Okay!” with what I imagined to be a very sly smile.  I got my food, and I said to myself, “Water!  I don’t need no stinkin’ water!”  I walked to a park, and I sat down and began to eat.  It was spicy!  I enjoyed the first five minutes immensely.  Then, I began to sweat.  Then, my nose began to run.  Then, I was extremely uncomfortable.  I kept eating though because it was so delicious.  Suddenly, a hippie rounded the corner walking his dog.  He looked at me, ran up to me, and said, “Are you all right, man?  You don’t look so good.”  I said, “I’m fine.  It’s just.  The food is really spicy!”  Then, he said that there was a water fountain really close.  “I don’t think it’s working though, man…Oh!  Right by it there is a bathroom though!  You could get water from that!”  I ran over to the water fountain.  After three, long seconds of waiting, it worked!  I gulped down delicious, refreshing water.  I still had a lot of food left, so I sat on the ground right next to the water fountain just in case I needed more.  It was then that I noticed a man dressed in business casual who was eyeing me suspiciously.  He took a Ziploc container out of his bag and promptly dressed a salad, eyeing me like I was no good.  I kept eating.  Then, I would make funny noises like it was super spicy and drink the water.  This business casual gentleman with the salad kept eyeing me like I was up to no good.  I did not understand how I was up to no good, but I made several trips back and forth from my food and the water fountain.  Each time he looked at me more suspiciously until he finished his salad.  He gave me one last look-over, nodded his head in disapproval, and left.  I did not understand as I had shaved and was wearing decent clothing.  My only conclusion was that I was obviously too professional of a puppeteer, and he was disapproving that I was not casual enough like him.

My aunt Phyllis gave me a ride back to Boulder, and I continued to have wonderful performances and success on Pearl Street.  In the evening my uncle Chuck and aunt took me out to dinner, which was a lovely Italian place.  Finally, I hopped on the bus to get to St. Louis.  Bye Denver!

The bus trip was quite uneventful, but once I got to St. Louis, I met Con!  Lovely!  I also was able to perform my first show for the community collabARTive here.  It went quite well.  Tomorrow there will be more shows in the City Park in the afternoon.  More later!  HAPPY DAY!