Fun Fact:  Nearly 70 percent of housing units in Boston are occupied by renters rather than owners.

Mr. E:  So, Seth and I were performing near the frog pond at the Boston Common today.  It occurred to me that frogs are so much luckier than cats.  A frog gets to croak all the time, but a cat only croaks nine times.

I ended up in Massachusetts finally!  I am staying with my sister, and all is well.  I performed today at the Boston Common and in the Public Gardens, which went very well.  People here seem quite nice and willing to share the stories of the happiest moments of their lives.  Today was also a momentous occasion because I have reached my secondary goal of total audience members.  I have performed for a total of 1,521 people.  Success!  What joy!

I find most of the Northeastern part of the United States really interesting because it is really a collection of small towns.  Each town has a little “common area” that is meant to be a public space.  I wish that this ideal had been carried around the United States.  There certainly are parks and public spaces everywhere, but it seems that there is much less regulation in the Boston Common than many other spaces.

Furthermore, there are more old buildings in Boston and the Northeast, which is also very pretty.  Anyhow there were a few little events that happened in the day that I think are worth mentioning.

1.  Cara and I walked her gigantic yet gentle dog, Roxie!

2.  I performed for a huge group of YMCA children.  I knew that my puppets could take a beating, but I know for sure now that they are able to withstand 50 children playing with them simultaneously.  I did lay down some ground rules, but they held up, and that is very good.

3.  I am still so confused as to why people feel pity for somebody who is street performing.  I like being wished good luck, but I think that I am actually doing what I want to do.  I am quite happy doing it.  I do not think that I need so many other things or need people’s pity at all.  I am doing great!  Whatever happened to artists being respected for the work that they do?  People seem to consistently ask if I am homeless or can pay my bills.  I sometimes think that I should ask the same question back at them because it seems that by asking this question they are assuming a lot of things about me that they have absolutely no right to assume.  However, I have found that being courteous is usually much better.  Also, I have learned the best response when kids ask me how much money I make:  “Less than your teachers but more than a homeless person on the street.”  Thanks Colin!

Anyhow.  It was fantastic spending the day in Boston.  I walked around a bit and experienced the freedom trail, which has a lot of historical monuments everywhere.  I think that this was a perfect way to spend a beautiful day:  performing and walking around Boston, MA.

For today, Cara and I are going to Montpelier, VT.  There may be a performance there.  After that, only one more performance in Minneapolis before the end of the journey.  Happy day and much love in your life!