Fun Fact:  The island of Manhattan was “purchased” from a Native American tribe for $24.00.

Mr. E.  So, I was looking at laws in New York today.  I found an interesting one.  I am quite sure that I will never break it either.  It is, “Citizens may not greet each other by “putting one’s thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers.”

Today I think that I figured out fear.  At least one of my biggest fears and fear in general.  Before I get to that, however, I must apologize that I have not updated my blog more.  I have done a lot over the past few days.  I shall have a quick montage.

In Niagara Falls I performed at the top of the American falls.  I still firmly believe that the symbol of water as a healing power and the idea of water being able to wash everything away is firmly in me.  I am completely rejuvenated and ready to face anything now.

Also, it is astounding just how many rainbows are formed at the waterfalls.  I was not able to see any, but I also heard about fabled moonbows.  These are rainbows created from the light of the moon.  As I was looking at the rainbows, I began to imagine that they are slightly out of place with everything else around them.  However, they still seem so beautiful as they are.  I would like to imagine that this is what I am.  I can acknowledge my ability to be slightly out of place, but I hope that in the end it still works out to be beautiful.

I left Niagara Falls content.  I do not think I would like to spend more time there.  The waterfalls are beautiful, and that is what I think I wanted: a connection to nature once more.  However, the tourist traps in that city are overwhelming.  There is so much more I would like to say about waterfalls, water, and being fine with being in solitude, but I think that the Transcendentalists said it better than I will.  Also, I think that some thoughts are meant to stay private.

After Niagara Falls, I went to Newburgh, NY, or perhaps it was Fishkill, NY.  No, I think it was Peekskill.  You know.  I think I was in all of these cities at some point or another.  I met my friend Leah!  Wonderful.  It was so wonderful to see her again after such a long time.  I was able to take in two, count them, two Shakespeare plays!  First, a production of Romeo and Juliet that had me bawling.  Second, a really AMAZING production of Love’s Labours Lost.  I had not read that play, so it was constant discovery.  I am so proud of my friend for having a lovely place to work and enjoying her work so much.  Thank you Leah for sharing a few days with me!  

By the way did I mention that the area in which the plays took place was beautiful!  I am quite certain that the backdrop for the plays, the Hudson River, has been painted a thousand times.  I am so positive I have seen paintings from the 1800’s depicting what is behind us in the photo above.  Also, the grounds around the performance area were beautiful.  Just look:

After visiting this lovely collection of small towns and enjoying such wonderful theatre, I finally conquered my fear of New York City!  I went head-on into it.  This was definitely an adventure.  I arrived at the city ensure if I had a place to stay, but I was very lucky and received one.  Furthermore, I was already able to perform at Central Park.  I took in an off-Broadway show as well as one other Street Performance.  I walked all over Time Square.  I did a lot.

As I was walking around Time Square, I realized that I had no reason to fear New York City.  I do not think that I would mind living here one day either.  Then, I realized that fear is simply a construction of our own mind.  Furthermore, I do not think that fear is something that should be so inhibiting.  After all, it is only a temporary state.  If we end up feeling fear, we can certainly acknowledge its presence.  However, it is easy enough to wait it out.  Then, the fear will dissipate into something else.  In this instance it has dissipated into something absolutely wonderful.  Perhaps it is cliche, but I love New York.  Fear was incredibly temporary.

Yes, I even walked around New York at night.  I was afraid for just a moment.  I waited it out.  It was worth it.

good night for now

i will sleep in the sleepless city

the invisible stars filtered out from the light

will still be singing as i drift off

i will imagine that they are there

i will imagine that their light is shining into the lights of the city

i will imagine that their light is brightening each moment of my life

i must sleep for i am not a city

i am not an organism of steel and concrete

i am not an organism of cars and lights

i am a machine of flesh and blood

although a machine i

i run on my own mechanisms

i will not assimilate into what the organism is doing quite yet

i have my own purpose to do

i will add to everything

perhaps the fusion of organism and machine

will create what is right

perhaps it will add to the flow of

what is meant to be

perhaps i am drifting off now

my machine is powered down