Fun Fact:  St Louis offers more free, major visitor attractions than anyplace outside of the nation’s capital. These include the Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis Zoo, Cahokia Mounds, Museum of Westward Expansion, St. Louis Science Center, Missouri History Museum, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Grant’s Farm and more.

Mr. E.  So, if I began to fight the Gateway Arch, here in St. Louis, would it become my arch nemesis?  

Today I performed at the City Gardens.  They are very nice.  It was lovely.  I had 32 more people watch the show, so I have 1,170 people so far.  I am beginning to wonder if I will make my second goal of 1,500.  We shall see!  I hope I make it.

Adventures at the gardens included finding out that puppet shows and performances are legally considered…wait for it…political demonstrations…so apparently they require a permit in the City Gardens.  However, I was able to get around the rule, according to the security guard, by using the sidewalk on market street.  I looked at the sidewalk.  It is one foot wide.  Good thing my puppet show can take up little to no space!  HA!  I felt like I tricked the system a bit.  Look at my sly and sneaky puppet show set up on a foot of sidewalk:

The City Garden itself was also quite beautiful.  There were jumping fountains, waterfalls, and sculptures everywhere:

After a few hours of performing, I went to see the Gateway Arch!  Wow, I knew it was big, but I did not realize just how big.  I carried my suitcase with me, and I was stopped by a ranger who told me that I could not perform in that park because it was a federal park.  I was not planning on performing, but I told him what the project was really about.  For a moment it seemed like I would be able to perform.  Alack, not so.  Apparently, you cannot ask people to tell you the story of the happiest moment of their life in Gateway Park after a puppet show.  Just in case you plan on doing this in your future.  It will not work.  The rangers on bikes might try to stop you!  However, you are protected with the freedom of speech.  Apparently, this means you can hand out political pamphlets without being stopped as long as people come up to you first.  It seems more like freedom of literacy, not speech.  Regardless, I walked under the arch, and I decided to make it a symbol of a gateway into a completely new phase of life!  I have only two more weeks of travel, and then I will be settling into the adult world more permanently than I have yet.  Yes, this is the gateway into being truly adult:

Finally, I ended the evening by going to the St. Louis Art Museum.  There was a really cool exhibit on a Mississippi Panorama being restored!  It was amazing!  Panoramas are like crankies, which are puppets!  I have a cranky in my puppet show, and it made me so happy to see this older form of popular entertainment in the museum.  I had a huge nerdgasm!  Also, I saw some paintings by Max Beckman.  I decided that I like his style.  I want to emulate it for a time:

After that, I got lost on the metro transit!  I found my way back, however.  Thank you Rachel!  For now, I am saying good night St. Louis.  Tomorrow I will be in Chicago.  I am beginning to get sad that my adventure is nearing a close.  That is all right.  Then, a completely new adventure will begin!  For now I can admire the things around me and remain calm.