I performed at Central Park again today.  It went very well.  I am quite certain that I will meet my goal of performing for over 1,500 people by the end of the summer now.  I currently have 1,444 audience members.  I also met with Colin Froeber.  I think that I have definitely reached the conclusion that going with the flow for life is just the best plan.  Things will work out better that way.

Finally, a little girl today asked me, “Is it important?”  I asked her what she meant, and she explained that her parents told her to do something in life that is important.  I thought about it, and I decided that what I am doing is important.  People should take the time to understand what joy truly is and what happiness is.  I want people to be able to experience joy.  I want people to choose joy.  I want to make people happy with what I do, so what I do is important.  This question shocked me at first, but then I began to realize that there are many important things to do in the world.  Each person has a job that will lead them to do something important or contribute something important to life as a whole.  I think that puppetry is able to change the world through joy.  Puppetry is important.  Medicine is important.  Importance is important.

Anyhow.  For now, I have a long night of bus waiting ahead of me.  Then, I finally get to see my sister, Cara.  It will be wonderful to see her once again since it has been such a long time.  So, goodbye New York.  I will be with you again I am certain.